Sunday, April 15, 2007


I found this today.
Click the picture for a better view.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't Do What You Enjoy.

I was looking at birthday cards tonight. I saw one I liked. It was a simple cover, and on the inside it said, "Don't just do what you enjoy... enjoy whatever you do." And it went on to say something about enjoying your birthday blah blah.....

Don't just do what you enjoy... enjoy whatever you do.

I think I'm going to make that my life motto.

And if you care, I didn't end up with that one. I got one that said, "You're the coolest person I know." You open it up and it says, "I run with a pretty lame crowd."

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cross Off "B"

I Googled:
average joe blog
average joe's blog
average joe's blog blogspot

I guess the second option I gave you in my previous post was incorrect (as you will learn, this is a common occurrence). It appears my blog is nowhere in sight.

Maybe this is even harder to find than I thought (and I thought it would be pretty hard...).

Hi. Why Are You Here?

Do you know where you are? I know where you are, but I'm curious as to how you discovered this buried URL in "The Web". As of February 2007, it was estimated there were over 29.7 billion web pages. How did you come to arrive on this one? I know of no places that link here, or advertise this blog in any way, I guess there are some possibilities though. I'll provide you with some of my guesses.

A) I gave you this link. You are either a friend, or a member of my family. I told you, "Oh! Look at the blog I made today! Go to"

B) You search for the most random things your mind can come up with and visit the first result in the list. So you typed one or more of the following: average, joe, joe's, joes, thought, thoughts, blog, weblog, blogspot. Do you do this just because you are bored?

C) My blog gets local, national, or international attention. Why? I don't know. I'm just Average Joe. Maybe I'll get my fifteen minutes of fame someday.

D) I invalidate my previous statement about "no advertising" and I get a link for "Average Joe's Thoughts" put up on one of the other 29.7 billion web pages.

E) Computer error. Somehow you typed something like "" in the address bar, and ended up here. Computers are prone to that sort of thing. This is most likely your situation if any of the above didn't apply to you.

Now you say, "I just got here, I was looking for something cool, and 'Joe' starts questioning me?" Forgive me, I'm not expecting anyone to end up here anyway... I should change my attitude. I invite you to stay, see if you enjoy any of my random thoughts.
Now that we have established how and why (or why not) you are here, let's continue.
On second thought (I have a lot of these, and you're going to have to deal with them if you are going to be reading "my thoughts"), let's stop there.